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Your Brilliant Journey is Waiting for You!

We each have an internal call beckoning us to journey to the center of our truth, empowerment, and intuitive knowing. This is the place where we can relax and know we are truly Loved, wanted, and cared for. This original home and place of belonging is our Naked Soul.

To follow our instincts to the center of our Love and Compassion is a spiritual journey. When we make a commitment to travel on this sacred path of our truth everything feels right. Our whole being resonates with authenticity and we feel emotionally balanced. We experience a sense of complete fulfillment, inner freedom, total well-being, and Bliss.

But we humans have one major impediment that keeps us from committing ourselves fully to this sacred journey of Love and fulfillment.

Walking in your own shoes and on your own path with support

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We have often heard the saying to increase our empathy for others we need to first “walk in someone else’s shoes.” But before we can have empathy for others we need to have Compassion for ourselves.

Sometimes we may need some encouragement and support from those we trust to face our more difficult emotions. Anger, fear, sadness, and loneliness can act as a roadblock in our quest for Self-Love and Compassion. We have been culturally misinformed that it is a sign of weakness to ask others for help and support. In fact, it takes courage, self-respect, and responsibility to know when we need encouragement and to ask for it.

We all need each other and we all instinctively want to be part of a community we can depend upon. We have gotten the wrong cultural message that we are exclusively individualistic. We are social creatures that have survived for thousands of years through community. Have you ever noticed how we humans collectively want to help others in need? For example, we volunteer to help and feel empathetic towards victims of disasters. We need to acknowledge both our cooperative and competitive nature. We can do this by walking in our own shoes and on our own path, with support from others when we need a boost.

To walk on our own path and actually ask for support when we need it this is a transformational and revolutionary act. If we trip ourselves up and deny ourselves this opportunity challenge, we will feel a deep sense of isolation, self-abandonment and sadness. The greatest loss a human can experience is the loss of a rich, fulfilling life that could have been experienced, if we had only chosen it. Inside we instinctively know that if we are ever going to experience what we truly want, we must leave our comfort zone. Even when we don’t yet know how to find our True Center (our Naked Soul), we can make a commitment to ourselves by taking the first step.

The Connection You seek: Your Naked Soul

All of human emotional and spiritual suffering is caused by a disconnection from our Naked Soul. Our Naked Soul is the ember that sparks our life into existence and becomes the spiritual essence of who we are. It never leaves us. It is not measured in time, since it has always been and always will be with us. It travels with us in life and beyond.

Our Naked Soul is our personal connection to the Infinite Resource that feeds us Life and Love. We come here in life to experience lessons that will bring us closer to the spiritual essence of our Naked Soul, our ultimate connection to the Infinite Resource and that which feeds us the Nourishment of the Infinite.

Take Your Whole Being on the Journey Inward

To journey to our Naked Soul requires us to connect to our Whole Being. Once we are connected, we have an internal sense of peace, clarity and bliss we may never have experienced before. By having all parts of ourselves, including our Naked Soul, we develop the resilience needed to go wherever our journey leads us.


Your Core Being

Our Core Being is the heart center of our being and is the personalized voice of our Naked Soul. Our Core Being holds our deepest knowing and our original Compassionate Self. It speaks to us in a language of Love that our Western culture often discounts.

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Your Basic Ego

Our Basic Ego is our primary mechanism for surviving and thriving in the world. Its function is to make sure we emotionally and physically minimize stress and maximize comfort. There are several developmental components of our Basic Ego that help us effectively relate to our environment and evolve as human beings.

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Your Actualizing Ego

Our Actualizing Ego is one of the least developed parts of our Ego. It is, however, the most aware, conscious, and sophisticated part of our being. When functioning well, it acts as a good self-leader, helping us make conscious choices and wise decisions as it guides us through life’s challenges.

We are here to Support you

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Individual Life

Through our personalized guidance, we help you build the emotional resilience and personal strength needed to successfully move through your Ego’s issues back to your complete and whole Core Being with help from your Naked Soul.

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Mentoring for

If you are a therapist, counselor, doctor, nurse, or coach, we are here to support you. We have more than thirty years of experience guiding professionals to help them understand the most effective protocols for working with even the most difficult clients and patients.

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Heroic Transformation -
Online Learning

See our educational elearning affiliate, designed to help activate your heroism within, so you can break through the limits that keep you from living your life from inside out!