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What is the Naked Soul?

 Your naked Soul

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“In the beginning of our life we are a seed coiled and waiting for nature to pour forth its great waters. We come with the fullness of Love in our heart. Here we are not separate from this first Love and knowing. This is our Naked Soul, it is the spiritual essence of our being. It follows us and infuses us with all the Love and caring we need from the beginning of our life and infinitely there after.”
Elaine Rozelle

All of human emotional and spiritual suffering is caused by a disconnection from our Naked Soul. Our Naked Soul is the ember that sparks our life into existence and becomes the spiritual essence of who we are. It never leaves us. It is immutable. It is not measured in time, since it has always been and always will be with us. It travels with us in life and beyond.

This treasured part of us is connected to and fed by that which we call many names including Infinite Resource, God, Universal Spirit, Cosmic Consciousness, Vast Ocean, Great Energy Force, Creator, Great Soul, and Great Spirit to name a few. As William Shakespeare wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” No matter what you call this Infinite Resource it is the same. Even though we are all unique, we are not separate from it because we are one and the same.

Our Naked Soul is also the Center of both our personal and universal connection to Love. It feeds and nourishes us with Compassion. It invests us with immense empathy for other beings. When we are able to humble and relax our Basic Ego we can dip into this Love and Compassion that nourishes our life. Since our Naked Soul is directly connected to a greater Source of Love and Compassion we have access to its infinite abundance.

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The Naked Soul is Key to Your Complete Sense of Self

To get to know and truly and appreciate the key part our Naked Soul plays as our spiritual essence in our complete sense of Self, it is valuable to understand the roles the other parts of our whole being play like acting roles in our life play.

  • Our Core Being is the part of us that is in direct contact with our Naked Soul. It is our personalized heart center that interprets and infuses us with the language of Truth, Love and Compassion. When we honor and accept these gifts we have access to an infinite supply. We can then use these gifts to boost our self-love and self-compassion. With the truth of these powerful forces we gain the emotional resiliency we will need to deal successfully with stressors, traumas, and life challenges.

  • Our Basic Ego provides us with our will to live, survival adaptations to life’s challenges, and is our security guard that functions to keep out harmful influences. The challenge we all face is when our Basic Ego even gets the hint of unpleasant emotions or thoughts it will shut out everything it considers traumatic. This keeps us from having access to the positive forces of Love and Compassion we need. We then become entangled in the forces of protection and self-lying that can turn our life into an emotional chaotic drama. This is what happens when we allow our Basic Ego to manage our life.

  • Our Actualizing Ego is the part of us that can take back the directorship of our life’s play and turn the undoing of our Basic Ego around. It is the part of us that is the parent we all wished we had. It is our internal leader, who we can follow in trust that it will lead us where we need to go. It is the conductor of our orchestra that makes all the instruments of our Naked Soul, Core Being, and Basic Ego work together in harmony. Once we know how the parts of us interact in our life’s play we begin to have a clearer understanding of who we really are and how to successfully manage our life.

As we learn to rely on each part of us to play its role as best it can, we develop a clearer sense of Self. We also develop a greater appreciation for the ultimate gift of life and love that our Naked Soul naturally infuses within us throughout our life. It is this deeper self-understanding that we are inspired to keep taking each new step forward knowing it will ultimately lead us to greater self discovery and joy along our brilliant life journey!

Your Unwanted Gift

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While we may appreciate our Naked Soul’s gift of life and love in theory, to really know it from inside out, we may have to experience the Unwanted Gift phase first. No matter where we are on the continuum of self-awareness, when we feel uncomfortable about something, our Basic Ego wants to take charge to make us feel more comfortable, whether that relates to our physical or emotional comfort. As long as we let our Basic Ego take the lead in all our decision making related to discomfort, we will only understand the “unwanted” aspect of the experience. This will cause us to deny ourselves the “gift” part; and it is a valuable gift that helps us stretch beyond our discomfort and evolve to become more resilient and joyful as human beings.

When our Actualizing Ego and Core Being partner in our decision making, we free ourselves from the grasp of our Basic Ego’s tight grip of control. Our Actualizing Ego has great leadership skills, natural curiosity and capacity to consciously understand from a higher perspective. Our Core Being’s self-love, self-compassion and inner wisdom give us the resilience to deal successfully with life’s stressors. Together these two forces unlock our inner genius, which can transform our perspective and emotions.

This higher level of decision making doesn’t mean we no longer have challenges. It does mean that we have more internal resources to move from stasis and drama to creatively addressing challenges and learning the lessons that life has to teach us.

We still need to grapple with the fact that our Basic Ego wants to be in charge. It will hide the truth from us because the truth can make us feel uncomfortable. When we become aware that this is one of our Unwanted Gifts and we allow ourselves to “become comfortable with discomfort,” we accelerate our progress. When we turn anger or hurt (our Basic Ego defensiveness) into a gift of self-insight (by using our Actualizing Ego), we have just experienced another Unwanted Gift. When someone says something that triggers emotional pain and our Basic Ego instinctively wants to reject the comments or the messenger, we can instead see our knee jerk reaction as an Unwanted Gift to go to deeper level of awareness about the source of our pain (often from childhood) under the emotional trigger.

Often the more angry and frustrated we feel, the more there is a lesson of truth for us that is hiding underneath these unwanted emotions. Sometimes we have to admit the truth. Maybe we made a mistake, or we could have acted more responsibly, or we need to be more mature and empathetic with others. Often under our anger is an emotional pain or trauma we do not want to feel. This is one of our most profound Unwanted Gifts. When we acknowledge the unwanted truth, it can humbly lead us back to more self-respect, self-love, and self-compassion that is always there waiting for us to accept.

Seeing life’s challenges as Unwanted Gifts strengthens our self-trust that we have what it takes to solve those challenges. It gives us an unending source of personal insight. It also gives us a powerful tool to free us from painful childhood experiences, so we no longer have to drag them around as adults. Each Unwanted Gift that we receive helps us break through our limitations, which stand between us and our sense of freedom and peace of mind that bring more joy and lightness into our life.

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