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Mentoring for Professionals

 Mentoring for Professionals

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We are educators, guidance coaches, and healthcare professionals, who specialize in Mentoring for Professionals.

We mentor anyone in the helping professions including counselors, therapists, coaches, guidance mentors, spiritual leaders, emotional, and medical practitioners, teachers, and parents. Our goal is to help you develop the tools to facilitate more successful outcomes for the people you work with.

Our Methodology

We have found through our own professional training and personal experience that the therapeutic community often takes a “Band-Aid Approach” in treating clients. Standard practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, “disease” diagnostics and twelve step programs can be good as starting points in helping clients become more “functional” by society’s standards. These approaches alone, however, often fall short in helping clients experience a deeper sense of well-being, resilience and whole being connection all human beings want and deserve to have.

We use powerful tools and insights to help advance your work beyond the traditional helping profession methods. As a precursor to deeper self-insight and trauma work, we have developed and pioneered the Actualizing Ego Methodology©, designed to increase your client’s capacity for self-love and compassion. With this methodology as a base, we integrate other existing methodologies including Gestalt, Inner Voice Dialogue Systems, Bowen Family Systems, Bio-Energetics, Jungian, and Transpersonal Psychology to name a few.

It is important to note that we believe working with clients involves so much more than just a sound scientific methodology. It is also requires understanding that this deeper, more connected level of work is a high art form as well. We share our years of experience to help you incorporate into your practice your signature art form to supplement and enrich the work you do with the clients you serve.

Our Approach

We use a “wholeness” and trauma informed approach in mentoring you as a helping professional. We also teach you how to:

  • Assess client readiness for deeper insights,

  • Assist you with resistant client breakthroughs,

  • Build client trust through the power of vulnerability and the “Unwanted Gift” process,

  • Use your own triggers and counter-transference issues to advance your insights into yourself and your clients,

  • Re-structure your existing behavioral health programs and create new ones to better achieve desired client outcomes,

  • “Artfully” integrate multiple therapeutic methods into your client work, and

  • Work creatively within challenging management environments.

We know that some of you and your clients have specific religious practices and philosophies. As a context for the journey of personal discovery, the Journey to the Naked Soul approach can be adapted as a guidance tool to any therapy, religious belief or personal philosophy. Its flexible structure allows you to create an even deeper and more fulfilling experience for you and your clients.

If a professional mentoring relationship is something you are curious to find out more about:

Tips for Professionals

For those of us in the helping professions, here are some tips to keep in mind when working with those you support to deepen their experience.

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