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 Personalized Mentoring

We at Journey to the Naked Soul are dedicated to providing you with Mentoring for your personal emotional and spiritual health. We work with individuals, groups, organizations, and anyone in the helping professions.

We see our mentoring as an art that will inspire you and bolster your emotional strength and resilience. It is from this base of strengths that we work with you to develop an even deeper sense of well-being and self-trust that can take you the rest of the way on your personal life journey.

Together we become a team to serve your goals!

We are here to support you

Individual Life Guidance

Through our personalized guidance, we help you build the emotional resilience and personal strength needed to successfully move through your Ego’s issues back to your complete and whole Core Being with Love infused through your Naked Soul.

Mentoring for Professionals

If you are a caregiver, parent, teacher, nurse, therapist, doctor or coach, we are here to support you on your professional and personal journey. We have more than thirty years of experience using, combining, and teaching multiple therapeutic approaches to bring the most effective results. These include Voice Dialogue, Inner child Gestalt, Bio-Energetics, Bowlby attachment and family therapy approaches, practical step approaches, and group support training. Your mentor will help you deepen your own inner work in addition to assisting you with how to deal with challenging or resistant clients.

The Journey to the Naked Soul Difference

Current standard psychotherapies too often either create a dependent relationship with a therapist in the role of an “expert,” or use a system that works on a superficial level to make you “functional” by society’s standards. To travel the path towards your deeper original Core Being and Naked Soul , so you can experience a sense of wholeness and well-being within, we at Journey to the Naked Soul require our guides to make this journey continuously themselves.

Team of Mountain Climbers led by Nepalese Sherpa Guide

We know that therapists, counselors, helpers and guides who have not taken their own journey all the way back to their Core Being will not be able to effectively help others in their quest. This would be like hiring a sherpa to guide you on a mountain climb to a place where they have never climbed themselves. It makes no sense and yet we see this too often related to the helping professions.

Our Philosophy

Rafting on rapids

Many traditional “therapies” put therapists on pedestals and create dependent relationships with clients. We know you are the real expert, who is ultimately in charge of your own journey. We realize you already have the internal wisdom and ability to lead yourself. Sometimes all you need is encouragement and a support system, and other times you may want more in depth personal work.

Like river guides, we know the snags that can hang up your progress. We have each had to (and continue to) drive through the emotional eddies that our Basic Ego can get caught in. We can’t remove the rocks and boulders that create the challenging rapids you face in your life. What you can do is choose your river guides wisely for those who know their competencies and know the river.

The goal of The Journey to Your Naked Soul is to empower to stay on your own journey to your most constant and True Self. We provide you with a learning system that can stand alone or be coupled with individual and/or group guidance and mentoring.

For more about our philosophy, see our Blog posts:


Elaine Rozelle, MA, LVN
Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, Licensed Practical Nurse in California and Mentoring Guide
Founder of Journey to the Naked Soul

Strategic Ally Mentor

Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D.
Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology
Strategic Ally and Founder of
Heroic Journey Consulting - Mentor, Author, Educator & Presenter


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  • In-person sessions

  • Telephone and video consultations


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  2. Contact us and one of our mentors can set up a FREE session to answer questions and ensure you are ready to get the most out of your mentoring experience.

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