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Elaine's Story

 Elaine Rozelle’s Story

“The power of each soul’s truth will set the world free.”
Elaine Rozelle

Early Building Blocks of My Life

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My childhood was filled with a sense of profound loss and sadness. No one in my family could help me with my struggles because, as I learned later, they were not dealing well with their own struggles. The family story was one of secrets and untold grief. The grief permeated through every fiber in the family fabric. It destroyed each one of us in different ways.

Everything looked good in my family. We had the house, the car, the conveniences, the middle-class white family, which included a mother and father and three beautiful little girls. When I dared to rebel in anger against the oppressive family lie, I became the child marked as the scapegoat. My world consisted of a brew of sadness, loneliness, and suffocating depression. My frustration and anger only made me more of a target. There was no escape from the prison I felt was my life.

Building on a Shaky Foundation

In my adulthood the oppressively bad feelings continued to haunt me. I used drugs, alcohol, food addictions, relationships, and self-injury, including suicidal thoughts, and many other coping skills in my attempt to throw off the burden of my emotional problems. On the positive side, I diligently worked the Twelve Step program, learned different therapies, read “how to” books, and obtained my higher education. These outer tools all helped, but nothing really turned the key for what was locked away inside of me. Depression, anger, and poor relationships caused me to feel even more needy and disconnected from others.

My Breakthrough

Then finally at the age of fifty, I was thinking yet again that suicide was my only way out of my distress. I knew my time on this earth was running out. I bought a 20-foot trailer and moved it onto my favorite aunt’s ranch. For a while I bathed in the warm sun of my aunt’s love. But, when the hopeless feelings of depression returned, I felt betrayed and angry. I was angry with God, but mostly I was angry with myself. What was wrong with me?

I realized running from my pain had not worked in the past. I felt like this was my last-ditch effort to save myself. I HAD to do something different. I had no idea if it would work, but why not give it my all? I had to muster all the courage I had and “humble” my Ego to face my pain head on. I used all the therapeutic techniques I had learned from my education, Twelve Step program and self-help resources. And I prayed. If there was a God out there, I prayed and prayed for help.

In the privacy of my trailer I did a lot of crying and yelling at the parents who were never able to be there for me emotionally (no parent in the end can be perfectly there for their children…not possible). I applied inner Gestalt and Voice Dialog techniques I had learned in my education. I went all the way back to my infancy for clues about the source of my pain. I realized that as an infant is when I was originally traumatized with grief. At the age of six months old my mother’s soul died due to her own traumatic event. While she continued to physically care for me, it was a soulless care devoid of love.

My Liberation

God helped me love my infant self, who had grown into an inner hurt child. Together we salved her wounds. This journey took me all the way through what I now call the “emotional corridor” to the center of my Naked Soul. On the third day of my inner journey I came out of the trailer seeing in full color for the first time in my life!!! The weight lifted and my heart soared with the “Great Soul.”

This transformation was so profound that it has held me for more than twenty years now. It was not an easy journey, and my life still has challenges. But, finding my True Self was such a relief and continues to feel better and better as I progress on my spiritual journey. The discovery of the real me (my Naked Soul) turned out to lead me to my life’s true purpose. I now do Individual Life Guidance for emotional resilience and Mentoring for Professionals to help further others’ unique and sacred journeys. What took me years to learn for myself, I now offer to you as my profound gift.

I’m Here to support you

Individual Life Guidance

Having gone to the depths of my soul, I love to guide individuals on their personal journeys, as they shine the light of clarity on their inner pain and transform their lives into experiences filled with passion, joy and possibilities!

Mentoring for Professionals

I specialize in assistance for coaches, mentors, spiritual and emotional guides, counselors, teachers, therapists, parents, and medical practitioners to help them develop the tools to facilitate more successful outcomes for those they guide.


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