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Our Core Being is the heart center of our being and is the personalized voice of our Naked Soul. Our Core Being holds our deepest knowing and our original Compassionate Self. It speaks to us in a language of Love that our Western culture often discounts.

Our Core Being is unbounded and is not limited in its scope. It is our personal participation in a spiritual presence wholly greater than the sum of its parts. Although we cannot see it directly, we can feel it in its power and beauty in nature. We can feel it within ourselves in the form of love, compassion, and a heightened sense of moral consciousness that brings us into empathy with all of life.

Like our Naked Soul, our Core Being is complete as is. This is in contrast our Ego, including our Basic Ego and Actualizing Ego. Our Ego is always learning how to survive, emotionally thrive and evolve in a dynamic, moving, and challenging environment.

Our Core Being is imbued with immense and infinite power. It is not a transient power. It does not fade or ever leave us. It holds us in its loving eternal embrace that transcends the time we have here on earth. It is always there providing us with the self-love, nurturing, and compassion we need to sustain us throughout our lives.

Your Core Being's Connection to Your Ego

Our Core Being acts as the skeleton that holds up our spiritual essence and our Ego acts like our body that surrounds, protects and serves our Core. In an ideal situation, our Ego is our protector, listening to the wisdom and heart of our Core and bringing both into the world.

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Our Core Being comes here with an open heart ready to receive the lessons our lives have to teach us, while keeping us aligned with truth, love, and our highest sense of morality. When our Ego works in concert with our Core Being, they spiral one another upward in a self-reinforcing learning loop. The more we learn, the easier and more fun the learning becomes. It is this openness and light-hearted approach to learning that injects a sense of wonder and magic into our transformational experience.

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