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Your Core Being’s Role in Your Daily Reality

Meditation with candles in foreground

Our Core Being plays a central role in our day-to-day existence. It is the very ground of being. It is what makes us a “human being” rather than a “human doing.” It is our internal place of peace, silence, solace and absolute bliss. It is also where we hold our inner treasures in sacred trust.

Since our Core Being never is whole and complete as is and exists in the deepest, most closely held place within us, it is our Truest Self. When we listen to its power and wisdom, we can overcome even the most difficult of challenges. We can feel the greatest heart of it even as our Ego would have us bend to its fears and darkest emotions.

Our Core Being is woven through all aspects of our existence and it acts as a homing beacon, calling us to come home to ourselves in all our thoughts, emotions and actions as we move through life. When we resist or do not heed the call, we will likely experience grief, depression, anxiety, moodiness, anger, fear, envy, jealousy and resentment. Still our Core continues to call. When we become internally destructive with behaviors like negative self-talk, addictions, cutting on ourselves or becoming suicidal, still our Core Being beckons us to return to the center of ourselves where our aliveness, love, solace and peace of mind exists.

The challenge we all have is not that we have lost our Core Being. We can never lose something that is innate to who we are. Through life experiences, though, our journey may take our awareness away from our Core and we may lose touch with this crucial center of ourselves. Even though we may feel lonely or in despair from this loss, when we return to our Core, we appreciate it more fully from having experienced the absence. We also often feel a greater sense of gratitude for having the great love and wisdom we had yearned for so long to experience.

Elaine Rozelle