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Oh No, the Children Have Taken Over!

(And They Have Dangerous Toys)

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When children are in charge of the family they can throw temper tantrums to get what they want. When the temper tantrum is ignored and the parents do not allow the child to rule the household, the child will likely learn how to control their Ego. The parent’s job is to teach their child limits and boundaries that will help them grow up to become a mature and responsible adult.

In our house, which is planet Earth, we have children who have never grown into full adulthood. They walk around in adult bodies, but they never grew into mature, conscious and independent thinkers, who are willing to challenge their own beliefs.

These people are not open to having any discussion that does not support their rigid and fixed beliefs. These are the leaders, along with their gullible followers, who are the top dogs in charge of our U.S. politics today. These are the people who have enormous power through control of the media and military might. They are manipulative children having temper tantrums in our house with no adults around to limit their tantrums or teach them how to behave. 

What unseen forces have caused these people to get so out of whack with themselves to make them choose to control and manipulate others with such disastrous effects for all humankind, including themselves?   

1.  As children they may have experienced a lack of proper guidance from parents, who were not mature themselves. This meant the parents were either too strict and authoritarian or too loose without providing guidance.

2.  As children they may have experienced emotional neglect or abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or infliction of trauma either intentional or unintentional by their parents or other influential adults.

3.  They may have been affected by a culture, which supports hyper-individualistic competition over human innate need for cooperation.

4.  They may have been affected by a culture that is intentionally or unintentionally formulated upon a vertical hierarchy based on sex, race, sexual orientation, age, appearance, financial wealth, etc. This cultural perception supports those at the top using tactics such as bullying, terrorism, elitism, entitlement and ultimately violence to elevate themselves over others.

5.  They may have bought into an authoritarian belief system that demands complete obedience to authoritarian rule. This could be in the form of religious fundamentalism or cult that can never be questioned or challenged, without risking death or spiritual threats of doom after death. They also use spiritual fear and terror as a manipulation technique.

Clearly the vast majority of us are not stuck in rigid authoritarianism. Most of us believe that a belief is not written in stone and that it should be able to stand up to scrutiny. This is when the mature adult within us (the Actualizing Ego) is at work. When two mature adults get together, we might not agree on our beliefs, but at least we are open to a discussion without either one referring to a dogma.

Many Progressive thinking people are wondering what is going on with our leadership and their gullible followers? The rest of us are feeling an angst at the condition of our world today and wonder what can we do.

Many well-meaning philosophers like Robert Reich are asking some form of the question “Can’t we all just get along?” Senator Elijah Cummings stated in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, “Come on now, we’re better than this, we can do better.” Clearly, we are not all able to just get along and yes, we can do better. But we’re still stuck in a rut politically and socially. And it’s not just in the U.S.A. The poison of authoritarianism is once again spreading, but this time on a global level.

So, what is really going on? Why are we in this standstill? Why are families, communities, and countries so divided on important political and social issues? And how can we get out of this rut - the rut that is heading our planet on a collision course toward disaster?

To answer these questions, we need to start with a deeper understanding of what is at the base of our social and political problems. And this is the trend toward authoritarianism. Authoritarianism simply put is the enforcement of (or belief in) strict obedience to authority. It may use physical threat or sometimes subtle psychological terror to enforce the authority.

So, what does authoritarianism have to do with our social and political conflicts? The simple answer is authoritarianism demands strict obedience of its followers. There is no discussion allowed with authoritarianism. Punishment is the other part of authoritarianism used to force obedience. The other way an authoritarian can enforce obedience is through belief systems. If the authoritarian leader convinces us to believe they are the ultimate leader to follow, then they can control us without any external enforcement.

The reason we can’t “all just get along” is because authoritarian followers are not usually open to discussion. We have to realize that authoritarian based people have suffered some kind of affliction that keeps them locked in an immature state of development. As mature human beings, we need to act as the adults in the room. This does not make us better than others. It does, however, make us the ones who have the responsibility to act.

We need to have compassion for those who would do us the most harm and understand they are doing the best they can based on a rip in their Basic Ego’s personal development. We cannot expect them to respond as fully mature adults with the ability to have open discussions on their beliefs. It’s important to understand that if we challenge them, they will only feel attacked.

As mature adults, we must be open to having our beliefs scrutinized, do vigorous self-analysis and personal introspection. If we don’t, we may begin to identify so strongly with our own beliefs that we become just as rigid as those we criticize.  

None of us are perfect. There will be times when we all react in immature ways. Ultimately, though, we must face our imperfections and unite with others who are committed to being the adults in the room. When we come together we can transform the world into a community based on compassion, empathy, love, and justice, which actually creates a peaceful world!

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