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Food for thought and practical tips for your personal journey.

Practice Daily Self-Compassion

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To increase your self-compassion, it is helpful to practice some form of Active Meditation each day. Create a personal mantra that works for you. Below are samples to get you started.

Example 1: Say to yourself: “I am worthy of love. I allow myself to make mistakes. I am perfect in my imperfection. I can move from self-shame and blame to self-acceptance and self-love. And I am a child of God (Infinite Resource, etc.) and I am connected through Love to all that is and all that ever has been.”

Example 2: If you have a tendency to compare yourself to other people, it may be helpful to experience more self-love to focus instead on accepting yourself as an “average” person. Accepting yourself as “average” can take the pressure off of feeling you have to prove yourself as better than others. It can be humbling, yet refreshingly empowering to allow yourself to be imperfect in God’s perfection. A mantra you may want to use is, ” I know that God creates each being in Infinite Wisdom and Grace. I am worthy of the Love that created me.”

Building self-compassion can help you overcome your conditioning and recover your birthright of self-love. It also can help you relax into being totally yourself and more comfortable living at home in the Core of your Naked Soul.

For additional ideas on strengthening your self compassion, see Let Self-Compassion Bring You Home to Yourself.

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