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Food for thought and practical tips for your personal journey.

The Band-Aid Approach to Depression & Addictions

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There are prominent theories these days about depression and addictions being chemically or genetically-based. These theories, however, are not scientifically proven. In fact, the medical industrial complex uses unproven theories to push medications, which sometimes cause more damage than the original pain. (Note: If you are currently taking medication, do not abruptly stop without professional help. It could cause more damage. If medications are truly helping you, our program supplements what you are taking).

Unproven theories too often focus on symptom management to make us more “functional” without ever addressing the deeper emotional and spiritual causes. This is a band-aid approach that makes us dependent upon a medical system that may not be in our best interest.

While it is true that we may have genetics that temperamentally make us more prone to emotional sensitivities and addictions, they don’t fully account for and address the underlying emotions, traumas, neglect and cultural patterns that are more primary and often at the root of our emotional issues.

Once the body experiences too much emotional stress through emotional self-abandonment of the True Self, the hormones and adrenal systems begin to fail. A vicious and dangerous cycle can eventually cause whole body systems to breakdown. The good news is that there are solutions that can stop this vicious cycle in its tracks.

Reclaim your True Self Under your difficulties

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We at Journey to the Naked Soul want you to know it’s not your fault that you feel sad, confused, disconnected, or anxious. Sometimes the therapeutic community turns normal prolonged sadness and anxiety into a “disease.” Then this community codes our “disease” with “diagnoses” that can cause us to feel helpless about our symptoms. We see sadness as a normal response to feelings of loss. It doesn’t matter if the feelings of sadness are real or imagined. They exist in their own right and need to be acknowledged.

To find our way back home to our true Naked Soul we must commit ourselves to a journey that can be tricky at times. It is tricky because our cultural environment tends to lead us away from our true journey. We are not supported or taught how to take on this sacred journey.

When our environment is harsh and punitive it leads us away from our true nature. It teaches us to treat ourselves and others harshly. It is no wonder many of us use addictive behaviors to numb our pain.

While it is not our fault that we have been taught to abandon our True Self, as an adult it is now up to us to reclaim our original being that has always been there from the beginning. One of The Journey to the Naked Soul goals is to help you recover the truth of who you by using your presenting symptoms as clues to your deeper sense of Self.

Elaine Rozelle