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Actualizing Ego

Your Actualizing Ego

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The Actualizing Ego is one of the least developed parts of our Ego, but it is actually key to helping us overcome issues that contribute to unhappiness, anxiety, addictions and depression. While our Basic Ego helps us survive and thrive, it is not designed to be a good self-leader on its own. This is the job of our Actualizing Ego. An effective Actualizing Ego helps us make conscious choices and wise decisions as it guides us through life’s challenges.

Our Actualizing Ego is the part of the Ego that is the most aware, conscious, and sophisticated part of our being. The “Self-Actualization” model of conscious awareness as depicted by Abraham Maslow shows the “Actualized” Self at the highest point in the triangle of his “hierarchy of needs.”

We use the term “actualizing,” rather than “actualized,” since we see it is a process of reaching deeper conscious awareness and self-insight. This is because as long as we have a physical body, we need an Ego whose purpose it is to help us survive and thrive in the world. While each of the other parts of our Basic Ego have specific functions to do this, the Actualizing Ego is the only one that functions in a global capacity. It acts as an Integrator, pulling together the separate parts of us and bringing them home to the compassionate center of ourselves. This process is what gives us a sense wholeness, peace of mind and increased clarity about how to fulfill our life purpose.

Understand your Actualizing Ego’s intimate Partnership with your Core Being

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The Actualizing Ego’s job is to listen to what each part of our Ego is saying, bring in the truth and wisdom of our Core Being and help us discern that which is an Ego function from that which is beyond our Ego. Without our Actualizing Ego’s awareness, we may become Ego bound.

Without the higher functioning insight of our Actualizing Ego, we may feel a sense of constriction and disconnection, which our Basic Ego’s primal part of us interprets as emotional pain. Our sense of freedom only comes in living from the truth of our Core Being, with our other Ego functions in service to our Core Being. Otherwise, we will feel oppressed by our circumstances in life and tend to blame ourselves or others for our lack of feeling personal freedom and inner connection.

If we wish to experience true “freedom” in our lives, we must expand beyond our Basic Ego functions, which are only meant to help us survive and thrive in our physical reality. They are not meant to bring us true liberation. This can only be obtained from accessing our Actualizing Ego that is designed to connect us beyond our individualized perception of the Self to the deeper spaciousness of our Core Being that is innately one with our Naked Soul and the Unlimited Resource.

Let Your Actualizing Ego create your personal love story

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As a good Self-Leader and Integrator, our Actualizing Ego naturally helps us bring together the missing pieces from all parts us, including the Basic Ego, Core Being and Naked Soul. From this higher vantage point we see first-hand that what our Ego tells us about ourselves is just a story. The truth of who you are lies deep within our Core Being and Naked Soul. As our Ego matures and works in closer symbiotic relationship with both of them, our story naturally evolves to better reflect our full potential.

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